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Designing A Product That Stands Out: Part 2

Jun 26, 2024

Welcome back. This is part two of the process that we use to help clients design a product that adds value to their ideal client (and they like). If you haven’t read Part 1, start there. This likely won’t make much sense otherwise.

Part 2 is all about Value Mapping. We are working to uncover which solutions are easy for you to do and highly valuable for your client. 

Here is what you do. 

Go grab those post-it notes, the google doc or your mural doc from Part 1. If you’re using paper or a google doc, you’ll need to draw your own version of the image below.

Step 1: Pull out ALL the solutions you came up with. Don’t self-eliminate based on feasibility - yet.

Step 2: Go one-by-one through the solutions and map them on the chart below. 

  • Value for the client refers to the impact your solution will have on helping the client achieve their dream outcome.
  • Ease of implementation refers to, over time, how easy will it be for you to implement the solution. For example, building a website or online course might be a lot of work at first, but it becomes easier over time.

Step 3: Look at the solutions that fall into that sweet spot of high value to the client and easy(er) for you to do.

This sweet spot area is what you should start offering, prototyping and piloting.

Some reminders and tips:

1. Value mapping is a long-game exercise. 

Yes, there should be some options that you can do now. But more importantly - what you are most likely doing is developing soft prototypes for your long-term launched product. You’re thinking about what freebies you can start developing, what you might need to do more user research on, or tweaks you can make to your current product or offer. 

2. Don’t wait until it’s ‘perfect’ to put it in front of people. 

In this case, perfect is absolutely the enemy of good; soft prototyping is going to be your friend. You’ll want to make several versions, iterating and improving with each version as you get to know your ideal client and space better.

3. This is not a one-and-done process.

Parts 1 and 2 are structured thinking exercises to support you in maximizing value for your client. As you work on your product, try some things out, and develop your ideas it will evolve. Come back to your solution mapping, and even the actions and challenges your ideal client faces. Maybe you’ll want to try this out with a different ideal client or a new dream outcome.

That's it! Now you have the framework for how we work with clients to figure out their initial product offering. Stay tuned for how this thinking help you develop your 3-year plan and marketing and sales strategies.

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