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Laura Baringer


I love working with purpose-driven entrepreneurs. I believe that anyone can start a business and that you should love the business you have. I also believe that - with clarity in the trade-offs and intention - you can balance profit and purpose. I'm a former executive and strategy advisor in the global health, adolescence and gender fields.

Before Laura & Sarah, l spent nearly 15 years at the intersection of strategy, gender, tech and adolescence. I was an NGO strategy and organizational development consultant for nearly five years where I worked with boards, executives and staff to identify concerns and design sustainable solutions.

Most recently, I was in Rwanda where I opened the first African branch of an design-centered NGO, built and managed a team of 10+, and managed a multi-million dollar adolescent health program. I'm a start-up advisor and investor with a focus on East Africa.

My work is guided by a passion for living an authentic, values-driven life and (continuously) figuring out what that means and how to do it. Among other things, I've struggled with people pleasing and having the confidence to be who I am in my work and personal life. I love the outdoors, running and yoga.

I love home design (home renovation shows are a real weakness). I was raised in the US by my Italian mother and American father. I lived in Italy for a short bit as a child and again as a young adult. Over the last 20 years, I have lived in the US, Central America, Africa, Europe and now I'm in Utrecht, NL with my husband, two kids and dog. I'm a proud Colorado College alum, and have an MPA and MPH from Columbia University. I'm a ICF Certified (ACC) Coach.