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We help women build businesses they love that support the life they want.

Make a Plan

Complimentary Clarity Session

If you feel stuck and confused, this session will get you taking action toward your goals. 

In 45 minutes we'll help you make a plan for your current business, the business you want, or the business idea you haven't yet solidified. 

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We're Laura & Sarah


We're the thought and strategic partners you need to stop the confusion, increase your impact, and align your life with your purpose - even if your not sure what that is.

We've been through the loneliness of starting an enterprise. We've led big teams and worked 60+ hours as solopreneurs, for VC-backed start-ups, SMEs, and NGOs. 

We'll support you to get paid while doing something you care about (while also NOT working 40+ hours/week).



When I think of my business...

I'm Ready to Grow


You love what you do and it's working well-enough. But you feel scattered and have so many ideas you want to execute. You want to earn more but don't have more hours to give.




I'm Ready to Start


You've got an idea. Maybe you've had it for years. You aren't sure it will work and you don't know how to start. You feel overwhelmed. Business doesn't feel like your strong suite.  




I'm Ready to Explore


You are ready for a change. You have some ideas but aren't sure what you want. You're looking at job postings and researching how to start a business, yet you feel stuck.



Build Your Business Plan

Easy & Essential Business Plan 

This course will get you clear on what you want to do, how you want to do it, financially feasibility, and how to take it to market. Includes a free 1-hr call with Laura & Sarah.

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