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The (free) February
Build a Business Plan Challenge

One Month to Draft Your Dream Business

Join this challenge if:

  • You want to test the feasibility of an idea.

  • You have a business but never created a plan per-se.

  • You have something you want to launch in 2024.

  • You launched something in the past but it never took off, but never really died either.


The details:

  • A weekly coaching call accommodating your time zone.

    • Every Friday in February​ (starting Feb 2) at either:

      • 10 AM (CET)/4 AM (EST)/ 1 PM (MRU)

      • 5 PM (CET)/ 11 AM (EST)/ 8 PM (MRU)

  • Templates and instructions for all the steps in writing your plan.

  • Replays of the calls and explainer videos to watch when you can.

  • WhatsApp group to get feedback, ask questions, and interact with other entrepreneurs.

  • This challenge and all the resources are FREE.


By March 1 you will: 

  • Understand the financials of any business and how to use them.

  • Know the feasibility of your idea, based on financials, price point, and marketing.

  • Get clear on what the next steps are to launch your business.

  • Have the beginnings of a strategy to build a life & business you love over the next 10 years.

Register to Sign Up. Next Cohort Starts Feb 2!

What time will you attend?

We got it!

Check your email for more information.

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