Build Your Business Plan

We're not your typical business consultants, bro marketers, or executive coaches. We believe in micro, social, local, and ethical entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs who want their business to have a positive impact. 

If you've found us you probably have a business or business idea you want to figure out. In this free course, you will get the essentials to know if your idea works in your life and is financially feasible.

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The Essentials to Starting Your Business

Session 1: 10-Year Ideal Scene

What Do You Want?

There are many businesses you could do. Let's make sure your business supports the life you want.

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Session 2: Purpose, Vision, Mission

What's Your Destination? Why? How?

Put in the scaffolding for your business, so you can focus, make decisions, and know if you're on the right path.

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Session 3: Financial Feasibility

Know Your Numbers

Simple formulas and templates to quickly understand your path to profitability, budgets, and start-up costs.

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Session 4: Operations & Driving Revenue

Marketing Basics

Map out what you will sell, how people will know about it, and why they will buy it. 

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Build Your Business Plan

You know you "need" a business plan so don't let this step trip you up. Our process is simple and effective, whether you have an idea or already started without a plan, this challenge will give you the guardrails to make sure you create a business that works for you - not another job where you work.