You're proud of what you do.


And you're ready to grow your business into something that works better for all the pieces of your life.

Grow Something Good is right for you if...

  • You've developed a skill or product that people are willing to pay for.¬†You have dedicated clients or customers who tell people about you.
  • You want your business to grow and help more people - while also having time for priorities and passions outside of your business.
  • You feel frozen by all there is to do and how many ideas you have. You don't know where to start or what's really going to work.
  • You don't have clearly defined long-term goals and a strategy, so your attention gets pulled away, sometimes in counter-productive or inefficient ways.
  • To date, your business has gotten by with organic marketing and sales but it seems haphazard or "lucky." And you don't have a clear plan to find and reach new customers.

It's Time to Get Unstuck.

In Grow Something Good, you'll realign your business to your life.

You will move from feeling unsure and overwhelmed to taking clear action and making informed decisions. Instead of letting business happen to you, you will be confident and in control of your results.

As your business coaches and thought partners, we make the heavier parts of growing your business lighter.

Our job is to not only facilitate your thinking through key business areas and ask the right questions, but also to provide you - as a whole person - the support you need to achieve your goals.


What we help with 

  • Financial planning, so you always have enough cash to run your business and consistently pay yourself a salary¬†
  • Increase your revenue without working more hours
  • Cut out ineffective activities that are draining your energy
  • Marketing and sales¬†that you can feel good about
  • Ability to work with your strengths and find your flow in your business
  • Vision and goals for your business that support the life you want long-term including how much you earn, travel, and hours you want to work
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Support & Guidance

Our simple process will bring immediate relief to you and your business while creating the foundations and systems for long-term success and sustainability.

The Process

Grow For Good Foundation
  • Identify what you want for your business now - and in 10 years.
  • Solidify your business purpose, mission, vision, and values to¬†guide long term decision-making.
  • Dream¬†big and focus your business on what you love to do.
  • Design highly valuable products or service offerings to test in the market.
  • Turn all the goals¬†and ideas¬†in your head into an efficient and strategic plan for the future.
  • Break it all down by category and prioritize what's most important based on your goals.¬†
  • Create 3-year strategic plans for financials, long-term goals, product, sales, and marketing.
  • Develop quarterly targets¬†and ways of working.
Grow for Good Implement
  • Test new marketing, product, & sales strategies to align your business with¬†your long-term goals and business foundation.
  • You will experience immediate relief in your time and finances.
  • We‚Äôll support technical areas such¬†as customer experience, product development, pricing, marketing, sales, and admin systems.¬†
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Program Details

We provide ongoing and unlimited support for our clients and request a 4-month commitment to the program.

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Monthly Coaching Program includes:

  • Weekly 60-minute Coaching Calls with Laura & Sarah
  • Unlimited additional support, including 20-min emergency coaching sessions
  • A WhatsApp group to share direct feedback on all aspects of your business
  • Tools and Homework* to complete each phase.¬†

*never graded, never required, and will directly help your business.

No-risk offer. If you don't start getting results and value from coaching, we'll give you a full refund and we'll all still be friends. 


Grow Something Good

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Coaching Program


Minimum 4 Months


We want to help entrepreneurs grow good businesses - businesses that are good for people & the planet. If you don't get results, you shouldn't have to pay us. You can stop anytime and get a full refund if you are unhappy with coaching.  

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