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Setting Quarterly Goals

goals Apr 04, 2024

A new quarter, is the perfect time to establish your quarterly goals. In this video, Laura will guide you through the Rock, Pebble, Sand strategy, a simple yet effective approach to identifying and prioritizing your most important objectives.

Understanding the Rock, Pebble, Sand Strategy

The Rock, Pebble, Sand method is a three-phase process designed to help you focus on your highest priority goals (Rocks), important but not urgent tasks (Pebbles), and other miscellaneous activities (Sand). By organizing your goals in this manner, you create space to achieve what truly matters and avoid getting bogged down by less critical tasks.

Phase 1: Identifying Your Rocks

Your Rocks are the most critical goals you aim to accomplish during the quarter. These are the big wins that will propel you forward and make a significant impact on your life or business. By prioritizing your Rocks, you ensure that you dedicate your time and energy to what truly matters.

Phase 2: Sorting Your Pebbles

Pebbles represent important tasks that support your Rock goals. While not as critical as Rocks, Pebbles are still essential for your overall success. By placing your Pebbles after your Rocks, you ensure that you give attention to tasks that contribute to your larger objectives.

Phase 3: Managing the Sand

Sand includes all the minor tasks and distractions that can easily fill up your time if not managed effectively. By addressing the Sand last, you prevent these less important activities from overshadowing your main priorities.

Implementing the Strategy

To implement the Rock, Pebble, Sand strategy effectively, follow these steps:

 **Visioning** - Envision where you want to be at the end of the quarter across all aspects of your life.

 **Goal Setting** - List out specific, measurable, achievable, and realistic goals aligned with your vision.

**Rock Definition** - Identify three to seven high-level Rocks that will drive your success.

Additional Planning Tools

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To enhance your quarterly planning process, consider using the following tools. 

**Weekly Task Structure** - Outline the most crucial task for the week, followed by two more important tasks and additional tasks.

**Daily Task Prioritization** - Rank tasks by importance, estimate time needed, and align them with your Rocks.

**Prioritization Matrix** - Categorize tasks based on urgency and importance to streamline decision-making.


Watch the video above to see the whole *simple* process.

00:00 Welcome and Introduction to Quarterly Goal Setting

00:30 Understanding the Rock, Pebble, Sand Strategy

01:48 Identifying Your Rocks: Setting Priority Goals

02:12 Incorporating Life into Your Goals

03:00 The Importance of Focusing on Rocks

04:13 Step-by-Step Guide to Identifying Your Rocks

08:21 Daily and Weekly Planning Using Your Rocks

10:35 Additional Resources and Tools for Effective Planning

12:28 Conclusion


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