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Get Your First Client
30-day Challenge

Week Two

You'll focus on creating opportunities to say to real people what you do, who you help and the amazing result those people will get.

Key Points

It takes practice to be able to talk about your business to real people. This week the point is not to sell. The point is to get comfortable saying what you do.

Three things you are practicing to say:

1. What you do.

2. Who you help.

3. The results those people get.

Three ways to socialize:

1. Go through all your contacts. Catch up with people - only those that you want to.

2. Get out in front of people.

3. Talk to strangers and acquaintances. A low risk way to get used to saying what you do - and rejection.

Keep practicing:

1. Research conversations

2. If you're stuck, go back and imagine your ideal client.

3. Remember - you're not selling, you're practicing!

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