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Get Your First Client
30-day Challenge

Week Three

This week you become an event marketer or social organiser. The goal is to plan and start inviting people to an event that will happen 2-4 weeks from now.

Key Points

Creating events is one of your most powerful marketing, networking, and relationship building tools.

You've started a new business. Throw yourself a Grand Opening. Here are some options:

1. Invite friends and family together to celebrate and learn more about your new business.

2. Invite a broader network of connections to gather and learn or network in a beneficial way.


WHO: who is this event for? Who’s on the guest list? Who is also involved?

WHAT: What will be happening at this event?

WHEN: Time & Date

WHERE: Online or in person? What’s the address or link 

WHY: What’s the benefit? Why come?

HOW: RSVP or Registration (cost)

Start this week: 

1. Decide on the event (keep it simple and fun for you!)

2. Invite - send out the invitations and plan to followup

3. Organise and implement - do it this week, set up as much as you can.

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