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Get Your First Client
30-day Challenge

Week One

You'll work to combat decision paralysis. By the end of the week you'll be able to say what you do, who you help and what results they will get. 

Key Points

The next 30-days is about testing a hypothesis. There is no perfect decision (there never is and never will be) no amount of research or thinking will help you get to that perfect decision.


You are working on getting comfortable with testing, learning and adapting. You are working on being ok making the "wrong decision."

Start with 3-Simple(ish) Steps.

1. Decide the problem are you solving

2. Determine your client niche

3. Determine the offer (so you can say it out loud to real people)

This will be tricky. You'll feel like you're being too narrow or cutting off your market. Maybe you'll worry that you come across too sales-y or have imposter syndrome. That is normal. We are here to support you in understanding the importance of niche in marketing and to help you find authentic ways to promote your business.

Join us Friday, Sept 22 at 10am CEST for a live feedback session. Zoom link here and below.

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