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Get Your First Client
30-day Challenge

Week Four

This week your goal is to start setting up consults and making offers.

Key Points

Weeks 2 and 3 were about networking and organic marketing. Now it's time to get some clients. 


The challenge this week is to get 5 consult calls by making offers.

Choose 1 activity to do this week: 
1) Make some free offers of value to build trust

2) Directly ask 10 people to get on a free consult with you.

3) Keep networking and look for opportunities to make free offers or consultations.

How to have a sales consultation call.

1) Get to the big why.

2) Detaching from the outcome.

3) Show them how you can help them get their dream outcome.

4) Ask them to buy.

5) Understand objections. Help them make the best decision for them.

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