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Build Your Business Plan
February Challenge

Week Two

It's Week 2! You'll develop the Purpose, Vision and Mission for your business. This week is all about articulating why your business exists, what your big Vision is, who it's for and how you do it.

Key Points

For many years of my life, I worked with Executive Directors, Board Chairs and CEOs to develop strategic plans and refine Vision and Mission. Many of them thought the whole process was unnecessary. There was an attitude of "we know what we are doing, why do we have to go through this process?"


What became clear during the process was that at one point their Mission and Vision were true to what they were doing, but along the way they had deviated and could no longer communicate clearly where they were going. Even though they were getting money in, their organization was not as successful as it could be - and leadership knew this, but taking the time to figure it out felt like a lot. Saying no to potential clients, customers or donors to reset direction felt like too much. They were frustrated and overwhelmed, staff was frustrated and felt directionless.  

We're not going to let that happen to you. We're going to support you to build a company with a clear Purpose, Vision and Mission - and to understand why it matters. 

Join us Friday, February 2nd at 10am or 5pm CEST for a live feedback session. Zoom links below. Email/WhatsApp with questions, successes and if you'd like feedback.

Week 2 Live Call Replay

We started the recording late. We are speaking about identifying your business vision at the beginning.

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