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Build Your Business Plan
February Challenge

Week One

You'll work to define your 10-year personal and business vision. You'll have outlined what your life will look like in 10-years, how much you'll be making and - most importantly - how this business fits into that vision. This week uncovers the "Why" of why you are doing this.

Key Points

The 10-year vision is all about imagining and articulating the life you want. It's about setting the direction of where you want to go. It's about allowing yourself to dream and think big.

This may be tricky. You may find yourself stuck in the reality of today. Or thinking that you shouldn't or don't deserve the kind of life you dream of. That's normal. Just observe it and bring those moments to the feedback session. Hopefully we can help you through them.

Join us Friday, February 2nd at 10am or 5pm CEST for a live feedback session. Zoom links below.

Week 1 Live Call Replay

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