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Build Your Business Plan
February Challenge

Week Three

Week 3 is all about financials. This week you will do 'back of the napkin' numbers for your different revenue streams and business model ideas. You're going to take your mission from week 2 and see how it could work financially.

Key Points

You do not need to be a fiance wiz or accountant to understand the basics of what makes a business financially healthy. 

Modeling every idea you have for creating revenue in your business will give you power and knowledge. It will allow you to problem-solve and get creative. It will help you to make marketing and spending decisions that drive your success. 

You've heard most new businesses fail, this process will help you avoid some of the pitfalls, such as not having enough cash to operate the business, or having products that lose money. 

We are going to do this week in two parts.

Part 1: Back of the Napkin

Part 2: Forecasting Financial Statements

Get started doing your Back of the Napkin Financials Now. You the worksheet and spreadsheet to see how profitable your ideas are.

The video explains in detail our 'Back of the Napkin' process, if you are new to financial terms or like audio/visual instructions - start there. 

No question is too small to put in the WhatsApp!


Our next Zoom meetings are Friday 16 February 10am (CEST) and 5pm (CEST). Bring your spreadsheets so we can troubleshoot your models and find new solutions.

Financials Part 2

Ready to create financial forecasts? See how to use the spreadsheet to create your P&L, CAPEX, OPEX, & Cash Flow Statements. 

Live Coaching Replay on Week 3

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