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We help women with purpose-driven businesses create the success they want.

The world needs more small independent business that have a positive impact - for our health, the planet, and families.


We’re here for it.
And we are your entrepreneurial coaches.

We are right for you...

Because you know your business is good for the world. Your business improves health and relationships without doing further damage to our planet. Yet, it has not reached its potential. You feel stuck and are not earning what you need to to keep going.

Because you are really good at what you do and yet you don’t feel as successful as you want to be at this point.


Because you don’t have more time to dedicate to your business and don’t want your personal & family life to suffer. You are afraid success would take you away from all that you do for yourself, your kids, and marriage.

Because you wish you had someone in it with you. Someone who you could trust and cared about your mission as much as you. Like a trusted business partner or friend who is in the arena with you.

What we'll do together

Our Grow For Good and Start Something Good Programs will get you to the next level. We'll cover:


We'll ensure you have all foundational elements in place, conduct diagnostics around strategy, marketing, financing and explore thinking like a CEO, money mindset and more.


We'll develop and refine strategic, marketing and financial strategies, refine your niche, offer and sales process and explore competition, prioritization and limiting beliefs.


We'll implement revenue generating activities, test customer strategies, and explore dealing with failure, goal setting and moving forward.

Meet Laura and Sarah

We met at a (kid) swim class in Utrecht, NL in 2022. Sarah heard Laura's American accent, introduced herself (Sarah was brave, Laura was thankful) and we've been friends ever since. We have strong shared values and personal purposes, but diverse backgrounds and lived experiences. This has made us perfect business partners and brings a diversity of thought and view points to our clients. You can click on our pics to learn more about us individually.


Tl;dr? Collectively, we have...

  • Lived and worked in over 12 countries

  • ​Started or were on the founding teams of 10 organizations. Find us on LinkedIn: Laura and Sarah 

  • ​​​​Coached dozens of entrepreneurs from as many countries

  • ​​​​O​wned brick and mortar, online, social, product-based, service-based, and not-for-profit businesses.

  • ​​​​Worked 60 hour weeks, now aim for never​ more than 30 hour weeks.

  • ​​​​Have a Coaching certification from an ICF accredited institution.

  • ​​​​Have grown teams from 0 to 25.

  • ​​​​Learned to sleep, stay fit, & nurture our relationships

  • ​​​​O​vercome anxiety, overworking, addictions, under-earning, people-pleasing, an eating disorder, and PTSD.

  • ​​​​Other accomplishments: worked while pumping and breastfeeding, started a new enterprise with kids under 3, stayed home with kids under 3, moved families across the world.

Laura Preferred.heic

Laura Baringer


Sarah Trudeau

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