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Get Your First Client
30-day Challenge


There is someone out there who needs you and your services. We are going to get you taking action to find them.

Ground Rules

Do not use this challenge as a way to beat yourself up. You can do this and as a group we can support you through any limiting beliefs or non-constructive thoughts.


Kindness first. To each other, and especially ourselves.


There are no bad ideas. Add to what others are saying; no negative comments on people's ideas. 

There is no failure. There is learning, understanding and growth.


Risk sharing your ideas, struggles and put things out there. This is how we can all help you get to the business you want.

How it works

WhatsApp. We'll communicate primarily through WhatsApp. We'll let you know when the new week is posted.

Share what is going well, what your finding challenging, ask for feedback. We're here for it all.

Each week you'll have mini-tasks to do. Spend 50 minutes max a week on the tasks. We recommend putting this time in your calendar. If it's taking longer, share in the WhatsApp group.


Click the links below to get the exercises for each week.

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